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Refund Policy

This is regarding your request for a program refund from the Parks and Recreation Department. If you never received a refund before you will need to complete a vendor form. The vendor form is to set you up for your refund.
(See forms)
Your Social security number is not required. If you had a previous refund, then that means we have a vendor number set up to issue a refund for you. All you need to do is submit a letter for the reason you are canceling out of a program.
To be eligible for a refund, the request must be received three working days before a program has started. No refunds/credits will be given after a program/activity has met.
You can email it or drop off to the parks and recreation office. If you moved or your name has changed from original receipt date, then you will need to submit a new vendor form.
If we do not have enough participants enrolled in a class then you will be able to keep a household credit or a refund. You will be notified and have to complete a vendor form.

Charge card refunds will not receive the bank transaction fee back as a refund.
There will be an administrative fee of $ 10.00 per program refunded, unless there is a medical reason.
  1. Please fill out the following vendor form. Customer name on the original receipt is the name on the vendor form to whom the check will be made payable to.
  2. Include a letter explaining the reason for the refund. This is required in order to receive a refund.
  3. Please send back vendor form as soon as possible, so it does not hold up other requests for refunds. The department has a once a month commission meeting where commissioners sign off on invoices for payments. Checks go out a week later. Some delays may occur during holiday months. Meetings are held the third Monday of each month. We have a drop off box after hours.
Westfield Parks and Recreation Department - 4 Holcomb Street Westfield, MA 01085